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"Mary Gordon raised the creativity bar at our international convention. We were spellbound by her presentation."

"Mary Gordon is a meeting planner's dream. She's easy to work with; she wowed our association's audience within the first 15 seconds; and she kept them delighted and engaged during her entire presentation."

"Mary Gordon tickled my funny bone--a terrific speaker who relates easily and intimately to her audience, reminding us that there's plenty to laugh about in even the most humdrum of human experience."

"What a treat to come to Texas and have you as our keynote speaker. We loved you!"

"Mary Gordon was the highlight of our celebration. Her stories were inspiring, educational and entertaining. Associates told us they'd never laughed so hard at a work-related event.""

"I was particularly impressed with the wonderful rapport you were able to establish with the audience. MORE OF MARY GORDON"

"You are keeping Texas beautiful one presentation at a time! What a superb job you did at our conference.""

"Mary Gordon had our 350+ audience right in her hands and infused them with her energy. She has a great talent for establishing audience rapport and making everyone laugh."

"The lyrical rhythms of her thought create an indelible minuet of light on the mind and memory. To hear Mary Gordon is to delight in the world's vast varieties."

"You are THE BEST. Your humor... the way you involved the audience. Our association has never laughed and enjoyed a speaker so much."

"Her refreshing, singular style evokes memories of both Erma Bombeck and Fannie Flagg and will perk up any event."

"You wowed them! And you can count me among your devoted fans. Thank you for a superb job-this was the best ever."

"Mary Gordon Spence is funny, smart and genuine. Audiences of all types respond positively to her message."

"We're talking about a major overflow of joy. Thank you so much; you're always a priceless delight!"

"Conference evaluations used many superlatives in describing your session. We appreciate the time you took before the event to find out what was on our members' minds."

"Over the years I have learned how to read audience response to a speaker, and during your talk it was quite evident that you had captured their attention with humor as well as good food for thought."

"A perfect ending to a wonderful year!"

"Your work helped us reach agreement and set a new direction for future actions... we were very impressed with your insight into the situation."

"Your session was quite a hit! It was refreshing and inspirational. Please let her keynote our next conference."

"You are awesome. A combination of delightful entertainment, comedy and education, too. Your speech turned my bad day into a great one."

"We want you back every year to emcee our banquet. Your unique spark is exactly what we need."

"What a way to wrap up a great conference. After getting a taste of Mary Gordon Spence's unusual sense of humor at another function, I was glad to see her name in lights as our luncheon presenter for Story Circle Network's 2010 Conference. Those who didn't know her were caught off guard by her "normal" appearance mixed with a wicked wit. Every one of us left in a great mood because of her uplifting, irreverent, funny shtick - ah, the stories."

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